How Varaha can help preserve the cultural heritage
Fast and accurate 3D/2D Digitisation

With extensive experience and robust technology backbone, Varaha can enable highly realistic 3D documentation with extremely fast speed and incredible meta data accuracy.

Enhanced tools to create Digital Repositories

By managing the data output in many instantly usable formats, creation of digital 3D repositories is easy with Varaha, providing easy access to museum and heritage related data.

Centralized Database for museums and heritage collections

Varaha brings together the highly scattered and lesser known collections on the online platform with greater efficiency enabling worldwide reach.

Tools for learning and collaborative research

By intelligently documenting the overwhelming amount of metadata and information, Varaha can enable better collaboration and learning with large communities of students and scholars. The AR and VR tools make the learning more engaging and fun.

Virtual Museum building

For institutions to reach wider audiences, Varaha can create virtual museums and spaces instantly with the help of its integrated platform support. Virtual reality enabled experiences can be easily created on the same platform of Varaha.

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